The Merits Of Indoor Exercise And Training

One of the hardest things for runners and cyclists alike is: outdoor or indoor training? This article is an awesome read, especially for those who are hesitant on getting those best treadmills or top bike trainers

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Cycling And Technology: Sometimes It Is Best To Keep It Simple

Cycling And Technology: Sometimes It Is Best To Keep It Simple

While we like to review bike trainers here, it is important to grasp the concept that while technology can make things more convenient, people down deep need to change.

The people who use lack of convenience as an excuse will find another excuse.

That being said, technology is great for getting those “middle of the ground” people to be training more. (This sounds like an election!)

A great article to this point is here

“With the introduction of GPS computers, electronic shifters and virtual trainers that turn an HDTV into an immersing workout, it?s easy to think cycling has gone high-tech. Not to mention space age materials including titanium and carbon fiber, or the ability to use a 3D printer to produce components.

But first we must step back and realise that the bicycle itself is a fairly complex machine in its own right. The first bikes were created thanks to the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, and with their steel frames and rubber tires they simply couldn’t have been developed a century earlier.”

Getting to know more workout data will give you finer control over your workouts and will even help make the more recreational bicyclist feel more professional – just don’t let technology paralyze you.

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Buying Guide On Bike Trainers

Here is a great Buying Guide on how to buy a bike trainer.

We found a nice introductory article here about the different types of bike trainers and giving you basics on which one would work for you best.

In the article you will find good basic info on

Fluid Bike Trainers

“Typically, the Fluid bike trainer is at the top of the food chain in the world of bicycle trainers. These are the one?s providing the most realistic ride, are the quietest, and cost the most money.”

Magnetic Bike Trainers

“This class of bike trainer uses eddy current braking (?eddy current brakes slow an object by creating eddy currents through electromagnetic induction, which creates resistance??from Wikipedia) to supply the resistance factor. But unlike the exponential resistance curve in a fluid trainer, the resistance in a conventional magnetic bike trainer is at best linear.”

Wind Bike Trainers

“They?re also the simplest, and least likely to break down. Even though they?re simple, it doesn?t mean that you shouldn?t expect good workmanship in the frame, bearings, and the part of the bike trainer that attaches to the rear wheel. My advice is to stay with the top brands like CycleOps or Kurt Kinetic.”

and more..

Nice article

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Youtube video quickie on the Cycleops Bike Trainers

From our last post about the video quickie we found on the Kinetic by Kurt products, someone forwarded this quick little intro video we found on youtube of the Cycleops bike trainers:

We definitely like the Cycleops line better!

Make sure to check out our Cycleops Bike Trainer Reviews : great quality bike trainers!

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Youtube video quickie on the Kinetic By Kurt Bike Trainers

A quick little intro video we found on youtube of the Kinetic By Kurt Bike trainers here

Make sure to check out our Kinetic Bike Trainer Reviews : high on sleek look and marketing, but usually not the best deal on the market

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